We help create your travel memories.

Our escorted tours focus on individuals or small groups of travelers who want to live in the moment.  We capture the moments that you are not able to capture on your own. All you need to do is enjoy the experiences. Who wouldn’t want a personal professional photographer to travel around with?

"Thanks for my week in Barcelona! It was a beautiful and authentic experience. The food, sights, history and great travel companions will not be forgotten. What a way to start the new year and celebrate my birthday. Gracias! Well done Curated Escapes!"

− Sandra W., NYC

"I really loved that our trip was more of an insiders view of Barcelona and not overly touristy. We were able to have a wide variety of experiences and came away with a real love for the city and its people and culture. "

− Nicole L., VA

"The trip was amazing! Perfect balance of art, culture, food, entertainment and relaxation. Danica and Zeis are amazing hosts and planned a perfect combination of activities that really gave us a flavor of Barcelona and its culture."

− Heather L., NYC

Spring In Marrakech

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It’s been a very long winter, probably one of the longest winters I can remember.  Zeis and I returned to New York mid January and we have had the pleasure…

All About My Mother

Spanish Films: All About My Mother

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Last night was movie night for me and Zeis.  It’s one of our favorite things to do together especially on rainy, chilly nights.  Our movie pick of the evening was…

Best Time to Book Travel (photo courtesy of punchnels.com)

When Is the Best Time to Travel?

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In recent news, we have been reading a lot about when the best time to travel is.  Some say wait while others say plan way in advance.  And even still…

Just breathe (photo courtesy of www.myhealthyfit.com)

Top 4 Pre-Travel Tips

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Emotions run the gamut when it comes to preparing for a trip–from excited, to overwhelmed to just plain stressed out!  Sometimes no matter how far in advance you begin preparing,…

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