Spain: Wine Harvest Season

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Wine Harvest Season in Spain

September, one of our favorite months.  Besides being my birthday month, September brings on cooler days, new beginnings or at least the feeling of new beginnings and in our house, it’s time to say goodbye to rose and hello to red wine.  In Spain, September and October are wine harvest season, also knows as vendimia in Spanish, which also means the time for wine festivals.  Wine abounds in Spain.  Various regions of the country produce their own variety of wines.  And with that, every wine producing region has their own festival.  Wine crushing, wine tasting, grape collecting and of course music and food are all part of these festivals.  In Cordoba they actually have a “flamenco tasting”.  There are also wine and tapas fiestas as well as a nocturnal grape collection in Tenerife.

In honor of wine and autumn we would like to share photos of a lovely winery we had the pleasure of visiting while in Granada, Spain.  Enjoy and don’t forget to celebrate with a glass of wine this weekend!

Hacienda Senorio de Nevada

Hacienda Senorio de Nevada

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