Spanish Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese and quince for desert (Photo courtesy of

Cheese. Who doesn’t love a good cheese? Around here we certainly do. Manchego is one of our favorites. I often get to enjoy Zeis’ tasty tapas one of which is combination of Manchego cheese and anchovies….another favorite, but we will just stick to cheese for the moment.

Manchego cheese and good! (Photo courtesy of

Manchego cheese and anchovies….so good! (Photo courtesy of

Zeis often shares stories of growing up in Spain and very often, the stories are centered around food. Here is a little cheese memory from Zeis. Perhaps it will inspire you to kick off the weekend with some Manchego cheese and create your own Manchego cheese combinations. Of course, they must be accompanied by a bottle or two of vino tinto. Enjoy!

Manchego cheese is probably the most famous cheese from Spain. It is made with sheep milk and traditionally comes from the La Mancha region of Spain. Manchego cheese is protected under the Denominacion de Origen or DO of Spain.

I think having a mother from the La Mancha region of Spain has made me biased. When I think back and remember being a child, I remember road trips to my mother’s town. In the area, there are obviously many cheese artisans, as you can call them, and Manchego cheese was served at every house we went to visit. I can’t help being a bit nostalgic when I think of certain moments and images from the kitchens of those old houses in the villages. We would spend the time laughing and playing and tasting freshly made cheeses that I can only remember as being some of the best I have ever tasted.

With Manchego cheese we make some delicious appetizers, as tapas served with wine and even deserts. A very famous Spanish desert is made from Manchego cheese and quince. We would also have Manchego cheese paired with pineapple and many other combinations to taste and enjoy this incredible cheese.

Manchego cheese and quince for desert (Photo courtesy of

Manchego cheese and quince for desert (Photo courtesy of

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