Tapas: Spanish Design for Food

Tapas Spanish Design for Food

Not too long I was able to check out a very interesting and cool exhibit that focused on Spain, design and food (Spanish tapas in particular)….3 things that are very much up my alley.  The exhibit, called “Tapas Spanish Design for Food”, was recently on display in Miami.

Glass Bottle Pour

Glass Bottle Pour

The idea of the exhibit was to highlight how design plays such a big role in Spanish cuisine.  We often think of Spain as a country rich in tradition (which it is) but I think we sometimes forget that there is a whole lot of cool and creativity popping up as well.  In many cases there is a blending of the traditional with the modern.  In addition to all the new design, the exhibit features some old faithfuls in Spanish cuisine such as the paella pan and the bota or boot that was, and perhaps is still used by some to hold water.  The idea of design and food coming together makes it even more delicious!

The exhibit is divided into three parts:

1.  The Kitchen…highlights how food is prepared and utensils used in cooking

2.  The Table….highlights objects used to sample food

3.  The Meal…highlights how design is applied to food (our favorite part)

Old Faithful...the Paella Pan

Old Faithful…the Paella Pan


There is also a small bit on how design and architecture are playing a big role in restaurants and wineries in Spain, but that I will save for another day.  In the meantime, please check out some of my favorites from the show.  The exhibit will be traveling and it is currently in Washington, DC, so if you are in that area, you may not want to miss this.

By the way, the exhibit is no longer in Miami and has now traveled to Washington DC, so if you’re in the area you don’t want to miss it!



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