Spanish Traditions: Spanish Christmas Lottery

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Spanish Christmas Lottery...take your pick

December 22nd is a big day in Spain. It is the draw for the Spanish Christmas Lottery. It is a national lottery and one of the biggest. People come from all over Spain and Europe to purchase tickets and we made sure to join in and buy a ticket of our own.

Spanish Christmas Lottery...take your pick

Spanish Christmas Lottery…take your pick

The lottery began in 1812 and it is the second longest running lottery in the world. This morning we are watching on tv as the winning numbers are called out along with the prize. Children have been chosen to call these out or rather sing out the winning number and prize. In the past these children were orphans and some still are.

Watching the giant gold ball spin with all the small numbered balls inside feels a little like something from the 1920’s but I must say the little song is catchy and it’s nice to have a tradition where so many get so involved in. “El Gordo” or the fat one is what they call the grand prize.

Let’s see if we get lucky with “El Gordo”!



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