Spain Travel: Breakfast Time

Breakfast is one of our favorite meals.  I love spending mornings with Zeis and enjoying his oh so tasty lattes.  On the weekend we sometimes make pancakes or Spanish omelettes and always serve with lattes.  To start off your Monday morning, we wanted to share some of the amazing breakfast dishes enjoyed in Spain.
In Andalusia, a typical breakfast consists of cafe con leche to start off.  We can’t say enough good things about Spanish coffee….they are just so good!  Fresh squeezed orange juice is also part of breakfast.  It is accompanied by tostadas or toast made from artisan handcrafted bread with olive oil and salt and sometimes garlic is rubbed on the tostadas for extra flavor.
Typical breakfast in Andalusia

Typical breakfast in Andalusia

If something sweeter is your type of breakfast than a Madrileno breakfast is just for you.  In Madrid, the famous churros and chocolate are the breakfast of choice.  These tasty doughy treats are dipped in the chocolate….the thicker the better.  Sometimes the churros have sugar sprinkled over them and enjoyed with cafe con leche.
Breakfast Madrileno...

Breakfast Madrileno…

The Catalan breakfast consists of tostadas rubbed with tomato, olive oil, salt and a tasty jamon.  Maybe these breakfast ideas will inspire you to try some of them and bring a little bit of Spain into your home.
Tomato and olive oil

Tomato and olive oil

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