Spain in Miami: Tapas-Spanish Design for Food

When we are not in Spain we are always on the look out for happenings close to home that help us get our fix of Spain.  Art exhibits, wines, films, etc.  This week we found something that though not so close to home, sounds like fun.

Tapas- Spanish Design for Food is an international traveling exhibition making its debut in Miami.  The exhibit will coincide with Art Basel Week and begins tomorrow, November 9th and runs until December 15th.  It will be taking place at The Moore Building in Miami’s Design District.

The exhibit honors the arrival of Ponce de Leon 500 years ago and highlights Spanish culture and heritage.  The show will feature Spanish chefs, designers, architects, wineries and restaurants that are examples of Spain’s avant-garde experimentation in all of these areas.  Of course, you will also get to some of those very familiar items such as paella pans and the bota which stores wine.

The exhibit highlights tapas and the social nature of the dish.  When friends come together to share tapas it is not only a sharing of food but a way to create experiences.  “This is Spain’s message to the world: bring people together for real social connections, with tapas.”

So if you are in Miami and looking to taste a bit of Spain, this sounds like the perfect way.





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