Spanish Paella

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Seafood paella and cervecitas

Paella.  So much to say about paella.  So many ways to make paella.  During our adventure in Spain, we tried many different paellas–“campestre” which means made using various meats  and tastes even better if made in a wood stove, mixed paella that includes meat and seafood and seafood paella.  All of them were pretty amazing to me but apparently every chef has their “secret sauce” for making a tasty paella.  Zeis’ has his own little secret for making a seafood paella–using seawater and also the water used to boil the mussels.

Homemade paella campestre by Zeis' mother

Homemade paella campestre by Zeis’ mother


Paella is a traditional dish that originated in Valencia.  Over time it became the star attraction of Spanish cuisine.  It is a meal traditionally eaten on Sunday among family.  Since it is a heavy meal it is typically only eaten at lunch.  But a curious little fact is that many restaurants choose Thursday as the day to offer paella on their menu.   A nice cold beer is the perfect companion to most paellas but a glass of rose can also be an ideal summer pairing.  Vino tinto or red wine are perfect for a paella during winter.  Needless to say, a trip to Spain is not complete without paella.

Seafood paella and cervecitas

Seafood paella and cervecitas






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