Morocco Escape: Sunshine

Marrakech: View of Atlas Mountains

All this snow in New York City has really got us thinking about warmer days, particularly the warm days we experienced in Morocco.  To think, that only a few short weeks ago we were sipping coffee at outdoor cafes and watching the sunset on rooftops.

After living in Morocco for a bit, the country holds many memories for me and a very warm place in my heart.  I had been wanderlusting about going back and Zeis was eager to explore so during our trip to Spain, we decided to take a short jaunt across the water to Morocco. First stop was Marrakech.  Marrakech welcomed us as I remember, warm breezes, friendly smiles and lots of hustle and bustle.  Bicycles, scooters, taxis, cars, donkeys and mixed in all of that, yes, people.

Marrakech Arches

Marrakech Arches

Marrakech Medina

Marrakech living

In Marrakech, I got to show Zeis all my favorite spots, from the cafes to the patisseries to the orange juice stand I love so much in Jemma el Fna.  It was great to be back, test my memory of the windy Marrakech medina streets and share this incredible city with Zeis.  Zeis fell in love with Morocco and couldn’t believe how being so close (Barcelona is just a 3 1/2 hour flight away!) he had never been.  He enjoyed the exoticism of the people and culture.  He really liked the tasty tagines and oh, those coffees….cafe con leche has definitely met its match.

Another great thing about being back in Marrakech was reconnecting with great, old friends, having meals together and catching up. Marrakech can be overwhelming and having a cozy home and good friends to come back to after a long day makes it all worthwhile.

Good coffee with good friends

Good coffee with good friends

We decided to split up our time so off we went to Essaouira, a bit of a respite after Marrakech.  I’ve said this before, but arriving in Essouira allows you to breathe again.  The ocean gives you a sense of calm.  Everything slows down A LOT in Essaouira.  People are less aggressive, traffic is less congested, scooters are few and far in between.  Instead you are greeted by sunshine, calm and lightness.  Walking down the medina streets feels less overwhelming, shopping does too.  Nothing beats sitting outside in the Moroccan sunshine while enjoying a lovely cup of coffee.  And our views, we must tell you about our views….AMAZING!  The ocean was our neighbor as we went to bed with views of moonlight kissing the ocean and the sound of the waves lulling us to sleep.  The waves also woke us in the morning as did the sound of seagulls but we definitely didn’t mind.  And we can’t say enough about the seafood.  It was all just so good!

Essaouira Door...color inspiration is everywhere!

Essaouira Door…color inspiration is everywhere!

Essaouira Street

Essaouira Street


So when we say we have some exciting guided tours planned for 2014, believe us.  Stay tuned….



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