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Grand Canyon D&Z

For years I dreamt of faraway places.  At one point in my life, Paris was my #1 faraway place.  I studied French, read French books, watched French films, listened to French music…I couldn’t get enough of all things French.  My dream was to move to the city of romance and become a famous designer who would spend days sketching away in cafes and sipping on French wine…for inspiration of course.  Though the idea of becoming a famous designer is no longer a goal of mine, the idea of travel never left me.  In fact, my wanderlust grew stronger and stronger with every trip I took.  When I was 21 I traveled to Croatia and Cuba….both had a huge impact on me and how I began to look at the world.  After those trips I traveled as much as possible and whenever possible.  Morocco was my next big dream trip.  In 2009, I moved from New York to Marrakesh.  Perhaps I was a little bit nuts to pack my bags and move to a foreign country without really knowing a soul, but I now also see that as crazy as the idea was, it was also pretty amazing and an experience I will never forget.  Some people thought that dreaming of travel was a way to escape reality.  Perhaps, but don’t we all want to escape a little?  Others thought I would outgrow it and get it out of my system.  Clearly they had not traveled.

Grand Canyon D&Z

Many years later, I met Zeis in New York.  A boy from Barcelona, Spain who left the television industry to explore and see new things.  An American girl with Cuban and Croatian parents who moved to New York to study fashion.  We both love to travel, all kinds of travel–road trips, city adventures, mountain escapes, by train.   We could do with fewer beach getaways….too hot and not enough activity for the explorer in each of us.   It was clear that we had each found our match.  Zeis and I have another similar view when it comes to travel, solo traveling is fine, but why when there’s so much to share?

Soon after meeting, we decided that we wanted travel to be a bigger part of our lives and we wanted to share our love of travel with others, especially women.  We knew many of our best trips, and those of many others, were definitely the ones spent with locals or people who knew and understood a place.  Since Zeis is from Barcelona it made perfect sense for us to offer our first trip to Barcelona.  We focus on Spain and its amazing food and wine, cool design and architecture.  We focus on the interesting friends and all the things we think make an incredible trip incredible.  We also share cool discoveries and inspiration for trips we are just itching to go on.  This is where our journey begins…we hope you join us!












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