Help….Jet Lag! Tips for Beating Jet Lag

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On this trip to Spain, Zeis and I had a serious case of jet lag.  I am not prone to jet lag, but for the first week of our trip, we were both waking up at 4am every morning.  When we finally were able to get back to sleep we then found we just couldn’t get up.  Ay, ay, ay…what a terrible way to get the days started.  Eventually we got into the time zone but not without some very sleepy mornings.

We did some research on how to beat jet lag and here is what we found:

1.  Stay Hydrated

We all know how important drinking water is so staying hyrdrated to overcome jet lag may not come as any surprise to many of you. Drink your water and stay away from caffeine and alcohol, as tempting as it may be to order that glass of red wine.

2.  Clocks On

As soon as you get past security, set your watches to the time of your destination.  This will help you feel less out of sync.

3.  Follow The Schedule

If it’s 11am at your destination, don’t take it as an opportunity to siesta.  Instead, stay awake and active.  As difficult as it may be sometimes, this is one of the only ways I have found that really works for beating jet lag.  This advice should also be used when you are in flight.  Use ear plugs, eye shades, whatever it takes to get you on schedule.

4.  Arrive Early

Arriving a day early to your destination is the perfect way to unwind without the pressure of having to be on.  It lets you ease into the new time zone.

We hope these help on your next trip.  We would love to hear any tips you may have for coping with jet lag.  Please feel free to share in the comments section below.  Happy Travels!

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