When Is the Best Time to Travel?

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Best Time to Book Travel (photo courtesy of punchnels.com)

In recent news, we have been reading a lot about when the best time to travel is.  Some say wait while others say plan way in advance.  And even still others say there is a magic number of days you should keep in mind when searching for the best flight deals.  Zeis and I have noticed differences in flights when we’ve looked way in advance as well as closer to the date, we’ve also followed some of the rules like the one that says you should book your flight midweek (Tuesday or Wednesday).  And yes, it has been less expensive.  So, we’ve narrowed down the findings and here’s what they’re saying…

As you can imagine, everyone has their own opinion and findings when it comes to landing the best time to book flights though they aren’t necessarily too far off from one another.  We have read that booking domestic flights 45 days in advance and 60 days in advance is the ticket to getting the best deal.  We have also read that the magic number is 54.  That’s right, 54 days before you would like to travel.  According to CheapAir, this is the time frame we should all keep in mind.  But, if you miss this number, you will still be getting a better deal as long as you are able to book within 104-29 days from the day you’d like to get out of town.

But something to remember is that all of these magic numbers and other tricks do not really matter when you are traveling during high season, when travel activity is at its peak.    Holiday travel must also be considered.  When dealing with international travel, one must also consider the destination as this will affect the price as well.  Lesser visited locations will usually be higher than the more popular destinations.  And another thing that you can definitely count on, booking flights too early or too late is never a good idea.  So, since there really isn’t a clear cut formula for the best time to travel, we leave you with these few pointers:

1.  Research, Research, Research…compare rates to find the best one

2.  Try to be flexible with your dates/times…this could help you save a few $$$

3.  Start planning early but not too early…even if you don’t hit the magic number you can use these numbers as a gauge

4.  Consider planning your holidays during off peak seasons

What are some travel booking tricks and tips that you may have come across?  What has worked for you as far as best time to travel goes?  We’d love to hear from you!


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