Barcelona Gems: Parc del Laberint d’Horta

The Labyrinth

The weekend is finally upon us.  Zeis and I have been having another one of our brainstorming sessions and a brilliant idea came to us.  Why not share some of those special little Barcelona spots that only the locals know about?  We like it and we think you ladies may also like the idea.  And so that brings us to our Barcelona Gems. Every week Zeis will be sharing one of those little gems with you and also all the fond memories that go along with them.  Zeis will be sharing in Spanish but don’t worry, we’re going to include the English version as well.  We are so anxious to get started so today we introduce our first gem:  Parc del Laberint d’Horta.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

“Criandome en Barcelona he pasado mi infancia en los parques y jardines que habian y hay cerca de la casa de mis padres.

En Barcelona tenemos muchos parques, lugares y rincones muy bonitos, y uno de ellos es El Laberinto de Horta y alli es donde tantisimas veces fui con los colegios de picnic o bien con las familias y amigos.  El laberinto esta situado en la propiedad de un marques, este marques se hizo construir en 1791 dentro de su propiedad un laberinto con un jardín neoclásico del siglo XVIII y un jardín romántico del siglo XIX
Las grandes ciudades son aun mas grandes cuando somos pequeños y cuando yo era pequeño recuerdo que ir al Laberinto de Horta era algo magnifico, impresionante…ya de pequeño podia ver las grandes cosas de mi gran ciudad.”
The Labyrinth: A little calm within the city

The Labyrinth: A little calm within the city

“Growing up in Barcelona, I spent my childhood in the parks and gardens found near my parents house.  In Barcelona, there are many beautiful parks, places and corners.  One of these beautiful parks is the Labyrinth of Horta where I spent much time having picnics with friends or family.  The labyrinth is located on the property of the Marquis of Llupias and was constructed in 1790.  The labyrinth boasts a neoclassical garden and a romantic garden.
Big cities already seem so big when we are children and I remember when I was younger, the Labyrinth of Horta seemed so magnificent and impressive…..already as a child I could see the great things my city had to offer.”
Interesting Facts:
-The labyrinth garden is the oldest garden in the city of Barcelona.
-The garden was used in filming the movie, “Perfume:  The Story of a Murderer”
The garden is a bit out of the way, but you could say that’s part of what adds to its charm.  Don’t forget your walking shoes.

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