Barcelona Gems: Granja Dulcinea Coffee Shop

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Dulcinea coffee counter

As you already know, we love coffee.  We can’t seem to get enough of it, well, only if it’s good coffee, and in Barcelona or anywhere in Spain, it is good.  The coffee is good pretty much everywhere you go.

During our visit this summer we did like the Spaniards did and had a cafe con leche every afternoon.  One afternoon while strolling the streets of the Ciutat Vella neighborhood in Barcelona, we spotted a tiny little cafe right on the corner.  We actually almost walked right past it but had to do a double take.  The outside looked like one of those old fashioned coffee shops with dark wood and vintage lettering.  Inside you could see a tiny dark wood bar area near the window, small tables and the floor was covered in old Spanish tiles….blue and white, I believe.

Dulcinea...outside view

Dulcinea…outside view


Dulcinea coffee counter

Dulcinea coffee counter



One fine cup of cafe con leche

One fine cup of cafe con leche

As one would imagine, the coffees we ordered were amazing.  And though we didn’t try the churros and chocolate, they looked pretty tasty too.

Churros con courtesy of

Churros con chocolate….photo courtesy of

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