Barcelona Fun Fact

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They are sprinkled around, here and there as you walk the streets of Barcelona–Barri Gotico, etc.  Sometimes you spot them and sometimes you have no idea.  They are in front of bakeries and pastry shops, candle shops and cafes, men’s shirt shops and nut shops.  You might actually just walk right over them, literally.  I know we did, that is, until someone pointed them out to us.  What I’m talking about are those bronze plaques found on the streets.

Mauri, bakery, over 100 years of sweets in Barcelona

Mauri, bakery, over 100 years of sweets in Barcelona

On our Barcelona travels, exploring the city even further, Zeis and I learned that those plaques actually have meaning.  As we stopped to stare at a few, which in turn inspired others to stop and stare as well, we learned that those plaques have been assigned to Barcelona businesses that have been around at least 100 years.  Yup, 100 year old businesses!  They are typically found on the sidewalk right in front of the main entrance.  Ok, in some cases the original business is no longer around but the space is and so are most of the details and design of the architecture and interiors.  So, on your next visit to Barcelona, whether on your own or with us, keep your eyes opened or you just might miss it.



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