Airport Layover Survival Tips

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Airport Layover Tips

Zeis and I have spent a lot of time in airports, especially over the last few months. Something that came up for us recently on our way back from Spain was how to pass the time at the airport. We had never experienced a pre-security check before and this was our first time. Basically, once you go through you are kept in a small space with very little to do.  I was really looking forward to roaming the shops and exploring during our last few hours in an airport but after pre-security, there were clearly different plans for us.  My dreams of exploring were shattered when we walked through security and entered one of the loneliest and most depressing waiting areas I have ever been in. I guess when the security guard asked me if I was ready to go through, I probably should have said no.  We had three hours to kill, one candy snack shop to check out, one TV to watch the local Irish news and not much more. I was definitely not prepared for this.

Airport Layover Tips

Airport Layover Tips

It got me thinking about ways to spend the time sitting in an airport. Here are some tips that I should definitely plan for on our next trip…

1. Plan ahead and pack some entertainment.
-stock up on books, music, magazines and even puzzle books. These are all really good ways to pass time and unwind a little.

2. Take a walk
-going for a stroll is a good way to check out the scene and also get your body moving. Sometimes your walks will be longer than others based on where you are but either way it’s a good idea

3. Bring snacks
-a long layover without snacks can be a nightmare. Either you end up spending too much on overpriced, unhealthy airport snacks or you end up where we were where snacks were slim pickings

4. Shop
-no need for explanation

5. Plan
-you can always use this time to review and tweak your travel plans. It’s a good opportunity to continue or start your research.

6. Write it out
-if your layover is after your trip, you can always use the extra time to put it on paper–journal or even blog about it

As always, we loving hearing from you. What are some of your airport survival tips?

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