Adventures in Spain

Velero Movie on Beach

This summer Zeis and I took a three week holiday to Spain–family time, down time and a lot of research!  First city on our tour was Barcelona, one of my favorite cities in Spain.  Big city, fun neighborhoods, cool restaurants and bars, great food, shopping and of course Gaudi.

On our first night we in Barcelona, we just happened to walk into an outdoor movie screening….on the beach!  Lucky us.  Crowds of people were gathered at the Barceloneta to enjoy the warm weather, cold beers (yes, it’s legal to drink in public spaces) and catch a movie.  The view was awesome with a full shot of the Hotel Vela or better known as W Hotel to us Americans.  Vela means sail and from this image you will understand exactly how it got it’s name.

Velero Movie on Beach


Zeis had warned me that summertime is all about cold “cervecitas”, beer and “tinto de verano”, a lighter version of Sangria.  We quickly got into making the cervecitas part of our daily diet.  Once 5 or 6pm rolled around, heat exhaustion set in, we were ready for our cervecitas.  One of our favorite spots was Fabrica Moritz.  The space is an old beer factory so not only is it full of history, they have done a great job of renovating (10 years worth!) and bringing in some more modern elements.  Cold beers, good company and a cool space, what more can you ask for?


D&Z Moritz





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