Our company was created through a love of unique travel, adventure and discovering interesting experiences and people. Now our goal is to capture your authentic and inspired travel experiences.

The idea to create a travel photography business came from listening to travelers tell us how much they would like to travel and try new things but instead opt out of experiences because they either don’t have someone to travel with and the idea of being a solo traveler seems overwhelming, intimidating and not to mention, lonely. We feel life is too short not to travel and explore and these should not be reasons to miss out on the beauty of travel. Don’t get us wrong, solo travel can be amazing but being able to share the experiences along the way is pretty great too. Our best travel memories have been those in which we have connected with other travelers, locals and experienced what local life is really all about. We strive to create similar memories for those traveling with us. We design trips that allow you to experience a place or country the way the locals do and to experience those moments with small groups and we are here to be your guides. Our trips are designed to be more than just a trip where “must see” spots are checked off a list, but rather, experiences in sharing with you the authenticity hidden in every corner. We also know that everyone needs some alone time so we do our best to create a balance between group time and time on your own…..because sometimes wandering and getting lost is also part of the journey.




Born and raised in Barcelona, I spent some years as a cameraman for Barcelona television. Being a cameraman suited my personality and gave me the freedom I crave. In this role I was given the opportunity to really see my city and learn more about my country. Over the last 15 years I have indulged in two of my greatest passions, traveling and exploring the world. My curiosity has taken me from Asia to Cuba…Lived in New York, natural born traveler and am always ready to experience my next adventure. From the moment I buy my plane ticket until the actual time of departure, I am already traveling and dreaming of what new things, places and people I will discover. In my travels, I have also found myself alone in some of the most beautiful places in the world. In those moments I have often thought how much better the experience would have been had there been others to share it with. My goal is to share my passion for Spain and overall curiosity for travel with others who are also interested in exploring and truly experiencing what the world has to offer. Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English Dream Destinations: Lhasa, Tibet, South Africa, Transiberian train ride , India